Edible Weed Walks

Come on an Edible Weeds Walk in a beautiful, organic garden in the Yarra Valley – or join us closer to Melbourne, in Brunswick.  

Or, book us to run a walk, talk or workshop for your organisation or group! We have conducted many events in particular for Local Government and other government organisations. Also, check out our new service at smoothiebikehire.com.au

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Edible Weeds Book

The book Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne details over 25 of the most common edible weeds and garden plants across Australia, UK & Europe and the US.  Colour photos are provided for easy identification. Buy the Book


Upcoming Foraging Walks & Other Events

Our next Edible Weeds Walk is on Thurs 19 Nov. Check our Events page for information and bookings!

Or join us at CERES in Brunswick Sunday 15 November! Info and bookings at https://weteachme.com/ceres/1001674-edible-weeds-with-doris-pozzi


‘Doris’ workshops are fantastic.  Participants love her easy going presentation style and extensive knowledge about all things weeds.’

Fiona Stevenson Senior Sustainability Officer, Maribyrnong City Council

Other events

Check our workshops at CERES in Brunswick. For information and bookings go to the CERES website – Edible Weeds Workshops and Natural Soap-making Workshops.


Upcoming Foraging Walks & Other Events

Our next walk is on 12 Sept. Check our Events page for information and bookings!



Welcome to Hello Little Weed.  Join us on an Edible Weed Walk or buy the book ‘Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne’ – a great place to start out with Edible Weeds.  The edible weeds in this book are among the most common across all urban areas of the world which have had European settlement.  In this easy guide find out where to collect edible weeds, how to prepare them and their nutritional/medicinal properties.  After reading this book, the world will never look the same!


Hello Little Weed doing what we do – foraging and cooking!

Interested in upcoming walks & events?

The Wild Edibles Walk was wonderful! We snacked on plenty of natures goodies along our tour (yum) and the Wild snacks and smoothies we shared afterwards were absolutely delicious!  One of our party just came for a day out – but left wholly inspired and really into wild edibles! Overall an excellent experience, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Edible Weeds tour of St Kilda. As someone who kills plants by looking at them, but can grow weeds with just as much ease, I was excited to hear about the walk.  I loved Doris’s stories and learned so much in such a short time, I’m a total weed convert now!”


MAKE SURE IT’S EDIBLE BEFORE YOU EAT! Edible weeds can be a great source of nutrition and medicinal benefit. However, some plants are poisonous! Trying to eat a plant to see if it is edible is a recipe for a very sore tummy or much worse! And just because a plant looks like it might be edible, or looks like another edible plant, doesn’t mean it is edible! There are poisonous look-alike plants. And part of a plant may be edible but another part of the same plant might be poisonous. Also, beware of using images on the internet to learn to identify edible weeds. Some images are just downright the wrong plant!

Please, do not eat weeds, or any plant, without learning which plants are edible first! Get hold of an edible weeds book and come along on an edible weeds walk where you can see the real plants!